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Florence IV Trunk

Florence General Management

Rome General Management

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florence iv trunk

December 2018

A simple and effective retrofit in the name of environmental improvement, acoustic comfort and well-being connected to the lunch break

Production time: 12 days.


florence ncd

April 2019

A retrofit capable of making significant improvements to the service, with attention to environmental and acoustic comfort, waiting times and service assortment

Time of realization: 21 days.


rome dg

August 2019

A challenge for a new modern and delicate catering environment in which to insert all the environmental and acoustic comforts connected to the catering service

Production time: 32 days.

What we have done?

Three important challenges with evident results, respecting the deadlines, the budget and the objectives set step by step with the customer.

the Rome office

Surely the most ambitious of the three challenges, achieved in record time from 02 August to 06 September, without giving up on details.

Before the complete renovation

the project

The project involved the total restructuring of the dining and distribution rooms, the complete restyling of the rooms.

Acoustic improvement, increased seating, reduced waiting times are just some of the keys to the project that has radically changed the space, transforming it from a canteen into a company restaurant.

from canteen to company catering

acoustic and environmental comfort

adjustment of flows and reduction of waiting times

The project realized

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