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private apartment renovation



LPbw srl

enhance the investment

Property selection, potential assessment, sustainable renovation project aimed at generating value

environmental and economic sustainability

Design aimed at environmental and economic sustainability during construction and operation with the use of tax breaks in force.

urban redevelopment

An urban "unicum", an area to be exploited to create value.

What we have done?

Before the complete renovation

the project

The project envisages the complete redevelopment of the real estate unit born as an extension back in 1935. Architectural, structural, plant and energy redevelopment.

Refurbishment of the wooden roof, construction of false ceilings and radiant floors for heating and cooling by means of a class A ++ heat pump, thermal and acoustic insulation of the walls and floors to achieve energy class A.

A spatial reconfiguration in the name of quality, functionality with attention to detail on the style of an "easy" life.

a house in class a

Wall cladding, insulation of the walk-over and roof slab with heat pump systems with radiant floor and false ceiling with low thermal inertia system and heat pump in class A ++

living comfort

Natural and long-lasting materials, wooden cover for the warmth of the materials that combines aesthetics with functionality and the static characteristics of the lamellar.

Accurate distribution of interior spaces with design of functional details.

minimize costs without sacrificing quality

A project in the name of balance and surplus value.

All materials and interventions have been weighted to enhance the quality of the property over time.

The project in progress

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